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Wisdom Behind The Walls


Wisdom Behind The Walls was created to reconnect seniors with family members and the community at-large.  Many seniors are lonely and afraid; we felt it was important to bring attention to the suffering of seniors due to isolation (the lack of human contact and socialization).seniors3 rev

Effects of isolation include:

  • Generally decreased feeling of vitality, less energy and feeling tired more often


  • Greater likelihood of mental health illnesses, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.


  • More frequent bouts of sickness, such as colds or flu, and longer recovery times


Seniors have a wealth of history, knowledge, fascinating and funny stories to share.  This program helps to increase their socialization, gives them a sense of belonging and feeling valued.  Additionally, we receive an education that cannot be found in any book.  The program is a win-win for everyone!

Join us in releasing the Wisdom Behind The Walls – spend time with our elders!

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