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WALK WITH ME is a new, exciting and innovative project dedicated to improving the quality of seniors' lives from the bottom up! The project is designed to restore the health and condition of seniors by providing: pedicures by licensed technicians; education and training; community engagement and volunteer opportunities; problem identification and assessment. Other components of the project include: health screening, massage and healthy meal. Our highly-trained, professional and passionate staff provide these services where seniors live - senior buildings and nursing homes in predominately low-income communities.

MISSION: To “serve at the feet” of seniors by provide adequate access to good foot care through education and hands-on engagement; while delivering a lasting impact on families, friends and community.

BENEFITS OF PEDICURES: Pedicures can help provide early detection of corns, bunions and fungal infections. A pedicure helps preserve the moisture integrity of their feet. Moisturized feet are less likely to get blisters, sores or other foot problems. The removal of dead skin, especially the heel and arch encourages new cell growth. Pedicures not only keep feet looking good, they are also a proactive means to improve overall health to include: lower blood pressure; improve circulation; nail and skin health; relieve symptoms of cancer, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis; decrease anxiety and pain; prevent injury, headaches and migraines.

PROJECT OUTCOMES: The majority of participants (average age 75) state they have NEVER had a pedicure or massage. The events were referred to by participants as “A MIRACLE”! They also indicated that their feet have never looked or felt better. Participants were overwhelmed with joy that so many caring providers were willing to come to their homes and provide such a much needed service and made us promise we would return. We have received numerous requests from other facilities to bring the project to their locations. Participants also stated that at the Walk With Me events they learned more about the importance of good foot care and other health issues they have from their physicians.




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